Chie, English speaking hairdresser and colourlist,
recommended by Australian Harper’s BAZAAR as “Best Hairdresser in Tokyo”
LOVE to make peoples happy with their new Haircut and Haircolour


Thank you for review and recommendad for English speaking hairdresser and for foreigner!!!

Thank you so much for the review !!!
After many explorations into Japanese salons and coming out with less than ideal results I finally found Chie! She is a master of foreign hair, perhaps because she has lived and worked abroad. My hair is quite thin and weak so it can not be cut or thinned with a razor like so many hairdressers in the city have tried. Chie of course manages to make my hair lovely each time. I highly recommend this salon to any foreigner looking for a highly professional, English speaking hairdresser for a very reasonable price. I just asked Chie to cut my hair for my wedding and she did not disappoint...I am so excited! Please see for yourself and I bet you will become a regular!