Chie, English speaking hairdresser and colourlist,
recommended by Australian Harper’s BAZAAR as “Best Hairdresser in Tokyo”
LOVE to make peoples happy with their new Haircut and Haircolour


Teatro alla Scala with Tods.An Italian Dream

An Italian Dream, Tod's e il Teatro alla Scala
Photo from web site Teatro Alla Scala
An Italian Dream
I like ballet.
I think this collaboration is interesting.

An Italian Dream.
Tods とスカラ座のコラボだそうです、

short hair!! ショートヘア

light colour to brown colour with short hair.
prepare from this season.
we enjoy cut and talk so much .
Thank you!!


short hair!! ショートヘア

She had cut and colour hair with ash dark brown colour.
nice client always come to cut and colour but
we decide a big change from long to short.
look beautiful.
Thank you!!!




Julie-san's blog

about a month ago i quit using shampoo on my hair and i love it. i alternate between a baking soda rinse, an apple cider vinegar rinse, or just conditionar and i'm really suprized how happy my hair is! having good hair feels great.

i have never had success finding someone to cut my hair that i like, so i've just given up on that aspect. plus cutting it yourself is so much cheaper.

fashionhayleytokyo said...

Hey. I love hairdressers in Japan so much. Its so much cheaper than in Australia, but you also get a lot more service too! Like those free head massages and sometimes shoulder massages...bliss.
My hairdresser of choice was Number 406 in Harajuku.
Its in an apartment building and its in one of the apartments (number 406 actually) but inside its like a princess castle and not at all like an apartment. You can't tell its there from the outside. The Spank girls told me about it because I was having trouble finding a hairdresser who would colour my hair from black to blond because it was dyed black and not naturally black. They were all worried it would ruin my hair. Number 406 specialise in crazy colours and they did a fantastic job, my hair was a little frizzy at first but really that's to be expected. The best thing about the salon is at every chair is a huge flat screen TV that has about 500 DVD's or music videos to choose from to watch. When they found out I loved Yuki from Judy and Mary they would have that selected on the TV as I arrived. Such service!!!!!!! They don't really speak English that well, but they tried. (Every now and then they would say "Kangaroo" or "Koala" and giggle....yeah funny times)
It would be great to hang out with you when I'm back in Japan...hopefully I'll be back at the end of the year for 2 or 3 weeks depending on when the Korean school year begins (I'm going to Korea on student exchange for 1 semester) Then I'll be back for good at the end of 2009 if all goes to plan and I finish uni!

Ekallo said...

Is this you by any chance?

Julie said...

Thanks for comparing me to a 45 year old lady.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you I go to see Chie on the regular. She really is good. My only complaint is the last time I saw her she had a male wash my hair, give me a massage, and rinse me after the cut. Call me crazy but while male hairstylists are the best for men, I'm not too into having a man's strong hairy hands all over me and their scent all around me.

-Art in Yokohama

Julie said...

I don't find "strong, hairy men" attractive either, but I would hardly call any of the guys who work at Watanabe Hair Salon particularly strong or hairy-looking. You said it; male hairstylists are usually thought of as the best for men. Most guys go to male hairstylists. He's only giving you a shampoo, he's not trying to get with you. Neither is your female hairdresser.

You're welcome to request a woman specifically, but if I were a hairdresser and my customer specifically requested a woman, I'd be creeped out by him and think he was going to turn out to be a nut.

Anonymous said...

your blog is really cool! I'm heading to Tokyo next week and thinking of getting my hair done as well. What is the price range like at Watanabe?
Cheers! M

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I read your entry, and decided that I will try out Watanabe Salon when I return to Tokyo. I usually go to Kakimoto Arms in Jiyugaoka or Ginza, but I always like trying something new to be honest, haha. I'm surprised I never heard of the place before...I shop at La Foret and hang out around Harajuku quite often so hmm...weird!

Thanks for the info!

Amy said...

Hi Julie! Your blog is so cute and informative, and I'm so glad to have found it. I gave Watanabe hair salon a try, and was very happy. I got lost on my way trying to find it, and when I rang up the salon, Chie actually came out to find me and guide me there. She was so lovely.Here is how my hair turned out, by the way.

So, thanks so much for the recommendation!!

Kekke Kip said...

i am actually going this afternoon :)
hope your right!
they are expensive, but if the result is as faboulous as i read on the internet..its fricking worth it!

will post how it was this afternooon:)

Anonymous said...


I also have been going to Chie at
Watanabe for the last year or two, and I won't go to anyone else! She is great and my hair always turns out just like I want. Highly recommended.

Sofia Hu said...

Hi, I was wondering if you need to make an appointment to get a haircut by Chie or can you just walk in from the street?

I'm going to be in japan for less than a week and I really want to have my hair cut there :)

Looking to get a hair cut in Tokyo, and I was curious how much your cut and dye cost. My hair looks like it's about the same length as yours is (post-cut). Thanks much!!

sushizume said...

Glad you loved Chie and Watanabe!
Your hair looks gorgeous!

fauxfauxreal said...

Hi, I'm doing some research about Japanese hair salons and I was wondering where you got your statistics.

stefani said...

Watanabe salon is amazing!! it was my first salon experience inside of japan, and i am really happy with the result. I had been lightening my hair for at least one year and the condition was very bad, i had about 2 inches of regrowth. Chie (my stylist) only colored the lenghts and not the roots, and it came out te be the excact same color!!! in my country they wanted to color everything, and now i am able to grow everything out naturally and enjoy the power of my own haircolor!!!!

totemo ureshiiii!!!!


Julie said...

Yes, I love Chie and Watanabe hair salon. It's crazy. I went there just before Winter vacation and my hair stylist gave me a Christmas present!! What kind of stylist gives a Christmas present to her client?? I love Chie!! Usually it's the other way around. I feel so lucky that the first hairdresser I ever had was Chie and that she's great.

I told Julia, my co-worker about Watanabe hair salon after we had a conversation about blond hair and she found out my hair is actually brown. My co-worker also went to Chie and got her hair dyed and cut. It looked great. She really is the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi - thanks to your praise I went to Watanabe today and have to say that I never got such a good haircut and good service before! Watanabe and his staff are really great!!

Julie said...

I'm really happy for you!
I really can't imagine anyone being disappointed with that place. Even the prices, while sort of high, are nothing compared to back home where the massage costs extra and you have to tip and nobody offers you tea. Chie is so good and I can't say enough good things about Watanabe hair salon.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was only me having trouble getting haircuts here...That post was very informative. Thanks.

-AIM: ArthurVito

J said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I have a Japanese stylist, but she can't do foreign hair coloring.

Do they have a way of letting you see how the color will look on you first? I've had bad dying experiences in the past when I lived in the US and want to get it right.

Also, how much does the coloring cost?

Julie said...

I don't know what you mean about seeing how it will look before getting it done... you mean like a strand test or something? I'M not sure if they have that service available. I think most salons don't have that, or maybe I don't know because I have never asked for it. If you have brown hair you can see how Chie made me blonde in the pictures on this site. And my hair feels healthy and isn't breaking or anything. I think she does a great job because I saw what she did to my co-worker, too.

Not sure about the prices. You have to phone Watanabe and ask. I think it depends how long your hair is, etc etc. But for what you get, it's cheaper than what I paid in Canada. And there's a massage.

But I'm not affiliated with Watanabe Hair Salon or Chie. I just like them a lot! So don't ask me about prices! Ask them. I posted their number on my site. They speak (perfect) English on the phone. You can just call them and ask them anything. You can tell Chie you heard about the salon from me, if you want to mention it. She is so awesome!

If any of you guys got your hair done at Watanabe hair salon, send me a picture and I'll be happy to post it on my site!


Anonymous said...

I got my hair cut there last year and I've waited 4 months just to go back!

I'm a guy, and Chie did my hair really well too...

Hannah said...

i'll definitely write down that address for future reference! thank you for sharing!

Delphine said...

I was just reminiscing about Japan and fondly remembering all the many haircuts I had at Watanabe over the 4 years I lived there. I left Japan more than 8 years ago so I was wondering if this salon was still around! I'm so glad to see that it is! At the time I found the price reasonable (6500) for the time and attention I received. To this day, the best cuts EVER

Julie said...

Yeah, every time I go to Watanabe I see a mix of people getting their hair done. Guys and girls, Japanese and Western people... everyone loves this place because they're so good.

Anonymous said...

I am looking for a salon in the Shibuya area that does colored hair piece extensions. I want to have turquoise woven through my hair. Can you advise?

Weronika said...

Hi, I'm wondering what more or less, the price for highlights and simple cut(shoulder-lenght hair) at Watanabe Hair Salon could be?

Thanks a lot for your answer, Weronika

Julie said...

I don't work there. Watanabe's phone number is on my site and they speak English. Feel free to call and ask them any questions.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for posting this info... im a blonde and live in the rural southern inaka of japan and going to tokyo this weekend. looking forward to a "real" hair cut :))

Silvia said...

Hi!I'm italian and I've red colored hair, I've just call Watanabe Hair Salon to take an appointment, according to what you say it will be very well!I really hope so, it's the first time for me getting an hair color and cut in Japan!!!

Anonymous said...

I happened to come across your blog randomly and chose to go to Watanabe Hair Salon today based on the comments written here. Chie was wonderful, and I concur that it's the best salon in Tokyo or any other place I've traveled to in the world! I would highly recommend this place to others. Thanks for creating the opportunity for me to visit there :)

chieo said...

Hi, ,julie san How are you??
Thank you for your blog ! I still have lot of nice People
came from your blog.
Do you have any plan to come to tokyo?if you do please come to salon.I am looking forward to see you.
I don`t have your E mail add please contact to salon.
Thank you so much agin.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I think you just saved my life! I recently moved here from the US and my blonde locks need a tuneup if you get me drift! Thanks for the info. Much love!

Kekke Kip said...

she told me she knew you and shyte...
and thansk to your blog i have wonderfull hair nooow <333

Anonymous said...

Hi! Found your site when I did a search for "hairdresser Tokyo". While I'd really prefer to be in and out in 10 minutes, like at QB, I'd rather avoid any potential calamity, so I'll check out Watanabe based on all the enthusiastic praise. (By the way, in my search for a hairdresser that led me here, I noticed that quite a bit of your content was duplicated on this site: Just in case.)

gina said...

Chie is truly fabulous with blonde Western hair. I have had my hair colored from all the "best" colorist all over world, and Chie ranks up there with them all; and she is such a joy to work with!
Thank you for your posting. It saved me heartache of going back and forth to the states to color my hiar.

Cyndi said...

Thanks for the detailed review of your experience at Watanabe Hair Dressing. Haven't gone there yet, but it'll be soon.

BTW, I just wanted to say that I think your comments would be great on That's where I first saw their advertisement, but there were only 3 reviews, so I wasn't sure about them. I did a general Google search and that's how I found your blog.

Looking forward to my new hair. I'll let you know how it goes.
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hey All -

Just to say that I got my hair cut by Chie at Watanabe Hair Salon today and everything went fine. It was my first hair cut in Japan. I'll be living here for a while so did have to find a place to get this done. I don't speak Japanese and that wasn't a problem at all.

Hair Extensions said...

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Tokyo Designers week2010 東京デザイナーズウィーク

馬場ふさこ「Obscure Path&Walking in the B-rain」
Tokyo Designers week2010!!
It is start from tomorrow,
And main place will be Meiji jingu Gaien ,
berry close from solon!!!
for after come to solon or good for week end to go.
Design tide and design touch will be every where like
Midtown,Cibone Aoyama and Barneys Shinjuku.
I think Interesting event for every year.

container exhibit

It was nice to walk ginkgo street!


baby blonde hair colour.It's so nice to work in English speaking hair salon in Tokyo!!

Baby blond hair look nice on her!!

She is beautiful lady from France.

it is so fun to work in English speaking hair salon in tokyo.

I can talk to many nice people from every country!!!

She came to salon for big change last time with her hair colour,

so colour for re growth today.

Thank you.



Thank you!!

very active cute lady look nice with short haircut.
But her research is finished in Japan.
so she is going home.
I hope see her again some time.

Thank you!!




information hairstyle haircolour fashion books and blog

My client send me this blog.

She is very nice cute lady, thank you so much!!!!

the blog she send me is surprised me ,it is so professional,







And I find this rink from the blog.
There was great film work of HEDI SLIMANE and other rink etc.
Thank you!!!
HEDI SLIMANE のビデオワーク他のブログなど、素敵な画像がありました。

And there was great video work.


Japanese Lacqering and photographs Exhibition

I went to see photo exhibition of my client.

photographer Osumi Takayuki-san.

Theme is water,

with Japanese Lacqering artist.

Hakose Junnich-san

He paint traditional Japanese kraft, Wajima lacqering for Van Cleef and Arpels as well.

Delicate beautiful lacqering and hand painting.

Very interesting many side of water.

It was beautiful.



漆芸家の 箱瀬 淳一さん と一緒に 水 をテーマに制作されたようです。


箱瀬さんはヴァン クリーフなどにも日本が誇る伝統工芸、



In same gallery ,there was exhibit of Danish christmas seal.

they are very pretty.




1904年デンマークの郵便局員Einar Holboll氏によって考案されました。

Gallery shop there was antique Scandinavia pottery,I like them.