Chie, English speaking hairdresser and colourlist,
recommended by Australian Harper’s BAZAAR as “Best Hairdresser in Tokyo”
LOVE to make peoples happy with their new Haircut and Haircolour


on a honeymoon!!

That was very very nice to see her again.

she used to come to salon two years ago but move back in Europe.

This week on her honeymoon she is in Tokyo and came for hair cut!!!

That was great to see her again and husband.





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  1. 千恵さんは最高!

    In 2008 I decided to go from very long to a short bob. Chie cut my hair and it was just great! Unfortunately I was only in Japan for a few months and had my hair cut only twice by her. Afterwards I had my hair cut in London and Amsterdam, but it didn't even come close to what she did.

    In 2010 we spent only a week in Tokyo for our honeymoon but I had to go to Chie. Again the cut turned out just perfect. I never spend much time on my hair, never use any styling products, never blow dry it, but this is absolutely not necessary as her cuts are just the best in the world! If the plane tickets to Tokyo weren't so expensive I would go ALL the time :-)

  2. Thank you!!!!!!
    I am so happy that you like hair cut.
    And thank you for comment......I am so happy being hair dresser.