Chie, English speaking hairdresser and colourlist,
recommended by Australian Harper’s BAZAAR as “Best Hairdresser in Tokyo”
LOVE to make peoples happy with their new Haircut and Haircolour


Tokyo Designers week2010 東京デザイナーズウィーク

馬場ふさこ「Obscure Path&Walking in the B-rain」
Tokyo Designers week2010!!
It is start from tomorrow,
And main place will be Meiji jingu Gaien ,
berry close from solon!!!
for after come to solon or good for week end to go.
Design tide and design touch will be every where like
Midtown,Cibone Aoyama and Barneys Shinjuku.
I think Interesting event for every year.

container exhibit

It was nice to walk ginkgo street!

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